Funny, i once worked with him at an adult video company. In 1990 he appeared with joey stefano in more of a man: the safe sex video, the first gay adult video to emphasize the use of condoms. There was always a rack of magazines, and then an area in the back that had the men s magazines. Now like 42nd street in nyc, it s all been cleaned up and gentrified. By anonymous 05/25/2011 another vote for reems. He was on his second marriage and had a 3 children, two from his previous marriage. In a strange coincidence, lance, whose real name was john kennedy, was pronounced dead in the same hospital room and on the same day that president john f. Some people realise that at 21, 29, 37, 50. By anonymous 11/25/2011 does anyone remember a porn film (vcr) which took place with a young man (not a kid) getting a job in a machine shop or garage and he just wandered around on his first day and kept finding all the men having sex with one another. The long hair, the muscular body, the magnificent bubble butt, the deep voice, the handsome face. I knew he got all tattooed and of course, older, but a few years back i hired him st louis bi sexual chatrooms . She was in a lot of charles band s stuff (the dad of the lead singer of the calling, alex band, who i have heard tell is bi himself, no confirmation though) st louis bi sexual chatrooms . Isn t there some lesbian site where pics like that would actually be appreciated. Here s a still from splash shots, still the hottest porn scene of all time, with him and jim bentley. T i also remember several photos of him with gay men at clubs during this time.

By anonymous by anonymous 08/24/2014 way to spoil the mood, r356. Not in boston but also in new england about the same time 1970-74. He would book tricks on his own and keep the money he made from them. Yes, it was primarily his great face and body. That film just had the two of them, not a ton of action, had a romantic vibe though. Mark west is another example of a guy who falls in this category. You clearly have a lot of vivacity, that s a great trait--- don t waste it flaring up at those you ve never known. He s a fountainhead of good advice, total player who d bang a new trick weekly, badass for the time. He always looked like he was enjoying it, whether getting fucked or fucking a guy with both his cock and balls. By anonymous 08/24/2014 jacqueline lovell, also known early in her career as sarah st. By anonymous 01/27/2018 r539 i knew he got out of porn quickly, but i didn’t know any of the circumstances. A truly legendary william higgins offering. By anonymous 11/12/2012 cal culer/casey donovan in the early 70s. Henson s final scene with maxon in two handfuls is considered one of the best in the history of the industry. I wish they released any never before seen footage from vintage porn they have.

By anonymous 05/25/2011 r105, nobody does anything for the first time on camera. By anonymous 05/25/2011 matt gunther - because his nipples were just like mine and he seemed to like having them worked just as much as i liked mine to be worked and teased. I remember brian buzzini, howie gordon, gene carrier, and a guy named brandon who had the longest dick, lived in hawaii, and hugged a pink wall in his best picture.sedating a cat with benadryl for dogs.
. Please nurture your innate human tolerance with a little more warmth. I don t quite remember his name but it was an older scene from a movie that was set in a barn or stable. One day i shot my load just browsing at the mags. By anonymous 05/20/2011 giorgio canali because he was the first man i saw in porn who deep-kissed men in a way that made me see the possibility of making love with other guys in addition to just hot, horny sex. By anonymous 11/25/2011 [quote]wow, references to 3 different actors in the pizza boy: he delivers (grant fagan, david ashfield, tony stefano). By anonymous 05/25/2011 r109, that was tony stefano, who, for whatever reason, doesn t have a listing on the alsgaypornstars site. I had such a raging hardon, i came in my pants. By anonymous 09/21/2013 i was only 10 years old when i watched my first porn with my brothers. And san francisco, and was readily available and cordial to his fans. .Onconova therapeutics yahoo dating.Iow radio dating service.

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